How I Get Paid For Eating Healthily

The title of this post might look a little odd for a trading blog, but I just want to offer a slightly different perspective to the importance of self-care in trading success.

If you were to tell a bunch of traders that you had a pill they could take, that would give them increased mental clarity, reduce stress and anxiety and improve their trading results, you’d be sure to get some interest.

On the other hand, if you said that omitting a part of their diet would give them the same results, they might not be so interested. If you went on to explain that healthy eating would improve their bottom line, they would be forgiven for rolling their eyes and going back to their screens.

But mindful eating, knowing how different foods and drinks affect your inner state, means you can avoid anything that increases your mental fog, or causes you low-level feelings of stress or anxiety.

It becomes pretty obvious then that what you eat and drink will affect your bottom line.

If you haven’t already, it’s really worth giving your diet some attention if you want to experience clarity in your trading.

Firstly, being disciplined in what you eat helps you become more disciplined in your trading too.

To be disciplined, you have to be mindful of what you eat, and mindful of your thoughts and feelings. It becomes really interesting when you realise the little voice that says “oh go on, just one more glass of wine” is the very same voice that says “oh go on, I know it’s not a plan trade but it’ll be fun to see what happens, just this once”.

Secondly, anything that helps increase your mental clarity is going to help your trading, be it cutting out alcohol, caffeine or processed foods or increasing intake of water, fruit or vegetables.

Thirdly, you’ll feel so much better and more positive. Success in trading is down to self-belief and positivity, and finding ways to maintain this state, even after a losing streak. So there really is no room for low-level depression and feeling sorry for yourself.

Eating well will give you the edge as far as positive thinking is concerned.

Once I started seeing trading as a fantastic way to encourage my healthy eating, it became much more fun. Normally, when you start eating mindfully and giving your body the best support through healthy food, it can be easy to lapse back into eating unconsciously again.

How great is it then, that another benefit is a better trading balance at the end of the month. You’re basically getting paid for eating healthily!

So, if you need a little more motivation to crunch into that apple, think of the benefits to your trading account.

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