Your Edge is You

Here at This Trading Life

I want to show you that successful trading starts with you.

Your mindset, your health, your lifestyle. 

Trading the financial markets from home? Then this blog is for you!

Maybe you've yet to start on your trading journey or maybe you've been trading for a while but you're still not making money consistently.
Maybe you're a successful trader but have lost sight of what you want out of your trading.

Whether you trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities; whether you're a day trader, swing trader or position trader, you're sure you find some useful nuggets in these posts.

Whoever you are, welcome.

Here you'll find a variety of posts, touching on everything from healthy mindset, how to organise your trading journal, to changing your perspective on losing trades. There are so many things we can work on as traders to improve our success, both in trading and in life. It's not all about sitting in front of a screen and pressing a few buttons.

Who is This Trading Life?

Hi, great to have you here!
I've traded forex for 14 years. I broke even for the first 6 years and have been profitable for the last 8. Some years have been great, others I've just about managed to keep my head above water. The whole trading journey has been fascinating and I've learnt the most about mindset, human psychology, why we feel the need to complicate things, all the crazy nonsense we tell ourselves and what we do to sabotage our happiness.

Things I love: my lovely little family, spending time in nature, walks on my own, getting lost and losing track of time, the great outdoors, chocolate, minimalist spaces, silence, getting my hands in the soil, the colour green, trees, sunsets (and sunrises if I'm up early enough), watching the moon, clean sheets on a comfy bed, walking barefoot.

Things I'm not so keen on: talking heads, egos, people telling others it isn't possible, negativity, pomposity, the news cycle, the gutter press, opinions.

Once I started decluttering the yuck from my life, things got a whole lot easier. But you know, it takes a certain level of confidence to go against what we are constantly told. I really believe that we know this deep down inside but there is so much noise it can be hard to listen to ourselves.

I'm amazed there's not more out there about this side of trading and after a lot of complaining (and making excuses) I decided to put my thoughts out there to show traders there is another way. A chilled, wholesome, healthy way to trade for a living that brings benefits that aren't just financial.

Feel free to browse my blog and share the stuff you think might help others; and if you want to say hi pop over to my Twitter 

Happy trading!

P.S. I love minimalist sites with no pop-ups or adverts (can you tell?) 
So, the most honest way I have found to fund this site is to provide a link to my broker. If any of you open an account with them, I get a slice of their commissions.

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All trading carries an element of risk. Please ensure you understand risk management before starting on your trading journey. This Trading Life cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred.