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Quiz: What Kind of Trader Are You?

Are you a calm trader or is your mind a swirl of emotions? Try this quiz to see what kind of trader you are. (It's just a bit of fun so don't take it too seriously!)

1. You go to the mountains for a week's break and there's no wifi. Do you…?

A: Walk around with your phone in the air, trying to get a signal to check on your positions.

B. Close all positions before going, no wifi is scary!

C. Set your stops before going and just enjoy the break.

2. You get stopped out for a loss. Do you...?

A. Scream, throw the computer out of the window and kick the dog.

B. Sulk for the rest of the day.

C. Breathe, shrug and go for a walk.

3. You miss the trade you've been waiting for all week. What do you say to yourself?

A. "This always happens to me, I'm such a loser."

B. "How did the market know I was taking a pee?"

C. "Drat! But there's always next time."

4. You close out a trade for a good profit and it keeps going.

Do you...?

A. Open a new trade just as the market reverses, giving back most of your profits.

B. Close down your charts, it's too hard to keep watching!

C. Say thank you to the markets then do some yoga.

5. What do you do on weekends?

A. Look for a new trading system, that week was awful!

B. Trade prep, read trading books, post on trading forums.

C. Go surfing, meet friends, watch a game.

6. How many trading forums are you a member of?

A. Lots!

B. 1 or 2.

C. None.

7. What's the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

A. Switch on the news, to see what's happened overnight.

B. Take a shower then open the charts. 

C. Herbal tea while giving thanks for another day. 

Mostly As - Stress-head.

Just like a stormy sea, you're great to watch... from a distance! Maybe you thrive on stress, but how's your P&L? How's your health? Yikes... time to take up Yoga!

Mostly Bs - Normal Human Being.

You know, with a chimp brain, just like all of us. We get upset when we lose, happy when we win. We just want a nice life. But with a bit more chill and a bit less


Mostly Cs - Zen-tastic.

Wow very impressive!

If the Buddha traded (and who's to say he didn't?) he would look something like you!

We're guessing you've got this trading life thing nailed... nice one.

Looking for another way to trade the markets?

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